Prerequisites to Admission

All applicants must meet the UConn Graduate School admission standards and demonstrate successful completion (generally B average or better) of prerequisite coursework.

Also required:

  • Must have earned a bachelor’s degree
  • Completed the following prerequisite courses:
    • General Biology with lab (in-person)
    • General Chemistry I & II with lab (in-person)
    • General Physics I & II with lab (in-person)
    • Human Physiology & Anatomy I & II* with lab (in-person)
    • Psychology (2 courses)
    • Statistics

*4 credit Physiology with lab and 4 credit Anatomy with lab courses are acceptable substitutions for Human Physiology & Anatomy I & II.

If you are completing your prerequisite coursework at another institution, please use this online resource to identify whether your courses are equivalent to the following UConn coursework and thus would be accepted as pre-requisites:

  • UConn BIOL 1107
  • UConn CHEM 1127Q & CHEM 1128Q
  • UConn PHYS 1201Q & PHYS 1202Q
  • UConn PNB 2264 & PNB 2265
  • Psychology-Any 2 UConn Psychology Courses
  • UConn STATS 1100 or STATS 1000

Please note not all institutions are represented in this resource so please reach out to our program if you cannot identify your pre-requisite course using this tool.

Other Requirements: