Prerequisites to Admission

All applicants must meet the UConn Graduate School admission standards and demonstrate successful completion (generally B average or better) of prerequisite coursework.

Also required:

  • Must have earned a bachelor’s degree
  • Completed the following prerequisite courses:
    • General Biology with lab
    • General Chemistry I & II with lab
    • General Physics I & II with lab
    • Human Physiology & Anatomy I & II* with lab
    • Psychology (2 courses)
    • Statistics

*4 credit Physiology with lab and 4 credit Anatomy with lab courses are acceptable substitutions for Human Physiology & Anatomy I & II.

If you are completing your prerequisite coursework at a State of Connecticut University or College please make sure that your coursework is equivalent to the following UConn courses:

  • UConn BIOL 1107
  • UConn CHEM 1127Q & CHEM 1128Q
  • UConn PHYS 1201Q & PHYS 1202Q
  • UConn PNB 2264 & PNB 2265
  • Psychology-Any 2 UConn Psychology Courses
  • UConn STATS 1100 or STATS 1000

Other Requirements: