REhabilitation INnoVations & Emerging Novel Technologies in Physical Therapy (REINVENT)

The REINVENT-PT lab (PI: Dr. Sudha Srinivasan) is interested in understanding developmental trajectories of individuals with neuro-developmental disabilities such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, and Intellectual Disability across the lifespan. We are interested in studying how infants and children with developmental disabilities explore their physical and social environment compared to typically developing peers and the cascading effects of motor difficulties on a child’s social communication and cognitive development. We are also interested in assessing health-related outcomes in adolescents and young adults with developmental disabilities, including their physical activity and physical fitness levels. Based on our understanding of the developmental trajectories of individuals with disabilities (infants, children, and young adults), our goal is to develop engaging, evidence-based, multi-system, behavioral interventions and assistive technologies to empower the lives of people with disabilities.


(1) Assessing physical activity and physical fitness levels in adolescents and young adults with developmental disabilities compared to age-matched typically developing peers and understanding factors at the personal and environmental levels that influence physical activity engagement in young adults with disabilities

(2) Development and implementation of novel creative play-based interventions involving music, dance, and yoga in children with developmental disabilities including Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and Down syndrome

(3) Assessing the effects of novel, icon-driven Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) technologies on social communication and behavioral skills of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder using a longitudinal study design, and

(4) Exploring the utility and efficacy of early parent-delivered powered mobility interventions (using the Wild Thing TM device) on movement and socialization skills of children with mobility limitations including Cerebral Palsy.

Research experience (Graduate and undergraduate students)

The lab currently has an opening for a diligent, energetic, and empathetic student interested in pursuing a Master’s/Doctoral degree in Kinesiology. Students with a background in physical therapy, occupational therapy, allied health, psychology (developmental & clinical psychology), kinesiology, or exercise science interested in research in developmental disabilities are encouraged to apply. Experience working with children as part of clinical practice or voluntary service is highly desirable. To apply for this position, please send a cover letter, a CV, and a brief statement of interests via email to Dr. Sudha Srinivasan at

We are also always looking for passionate, energetic, and empathetic undergraduate students interested in working on projects involving infants, children, and adults with disabilities. Students can pursue research in the lab for credit or as work-study. Interested students can explore opportunities to convert a subset of the research into a thesis. Students from diverse backgrounds including, but not limited to, kinesiology, exercise science, psychology, communication sciences, allied health, and education are encouraged to apply. For further details, please contact Dr. Sudha Srinivasan at

Sudha Srinivasan